Friends of Freedom Conference Call Agenda

DATE: June 20, 2014

AUTHOR: admin

The following are the issues relating to our consumer safety concerns about all products covered under the 100 year old and flawed Food and Drugs Act and related areas ofconcern in the Business Impact to small and medium family operated businesses in our non-pharmaceutical Drug trade and commerce sector.

Agenda items as follows;

[1] The fast tracking of significant legislative changes to the Food and Drugs Act  as per Bill C-38 and now C-17 and our inability to have an input,

[2] The inability of government sponsored legislation to implement the 53 recommendations and various Standing Committee on Health Reports from 1998 pertaining to our ultra safe Traditional Natural Medicines, Food Based Medicines and Cultural Medicines such as Traditional Chinese Medicines and to correct the 1920, 1927 and 1934 deliberately created flaws in the existing 1884 Adulteration and Fraud Act. The name was changed to the Food and Drugs Act in 1920.

[3] The need for a legislative Early Administrative Dispute system where differences of opinion exists on who is involved in criminal activities – us or the Health Canada, Canadian Border Services and/or Canadian Food Inspection staff,

[4] The issues associated with the use-based definition of a pharmaceutical Drug/Medicine created in 1920,

[5] The issues associated with the section 3 and schedule A of the existing Food and Drugs Act created in 1934,

[6] The constitutional validity issues with the Pharmaceutical sub-class of drugs/Medicines known as Natural Health Products  and related import and other prohibitions on trade and commerce.

Our Canadian Health Freedom Movement is very concerned about the Rule of Law degradation and increasing Police state type mentality in both the elected and appointed federal Public Servants that Bills C-51, C-52, C-6, C-36, C-38 and now C-17 reveals to the traditional individual human being rights, freedoms and liberty oriented Canadian civilized society values and principles.    

There are two other key leaders in the Canadian Health Freedom Movement that will be participating with me – Dr. David Rowland from New Brunswick and Chris Gupta from London, Ontario.

Due to the number of participants I have setup a conference call.

Thank you.

Yours for Right to Prevail,

Trueman Tuck

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